Marketing Management

Let's take things up a notch. Ideation, brainstorming, and conceptualizing campaigns is a way of life here at MadiMedia. Let's create a digital story for your audience. Let's create a campaign that they'll remember at the end of the day.


What does marketing management look like with MadiMedia?

  • Business branding + marketing plan

  • Target market personas + targeting strategies

  • Development of desired marketing campaigns across multiple medias

  • Email marketing campaign ideation

  • Email graphic content creation

  • Email copywriting 

  • SMS marketing copywriting + implementation

Main Elements

Here, we will develop the key elements that you want to focus your marketing on. These will be reoccuring themes discussed weekly.

Goals + KPIs

Identifying goals upfront enables the marketing to be geared towards your specific goal. Not all marketing is created the same!

Target Market

Understanding your target market will give us a sense of what media they frequent, what their purchase behavior is like, and what content they enjoy.


Based on your goals and your target market, we will be able to identify what media platforms we need to focus on and strategize for. 


Announcing a new product? Offering a new service? Want to create some hype around your business? Let's campaign!

Content Plan

Your content will create your brand aesthetic. What do you want to convey? We'll plan out content that will engage!

Weekly Plan

How often do you want to engage your audience? A weekly plan strategizes when you're showing up.


We want to know what works and what we want to keep doing. The current analysis will show media trends and fads.

Past Marketing Campaigns

Classic Hollywood x Young Hollywood 

YOURS Extensions

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2022 Masterclass Tour

YOURS Extensions + Mariah Cloke Hair